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FTA Elevator Company are one of the best elevator manufacturers in delhi, Specialising in Unrivalled lift maintenance & lift manufacturers in India. Our additional services are  Elevator Service & Repairing, Elevator Installation and Elevator Modernization.

FTA ELEVATOR COMPANY was integrated by Shri Jatin SIngh Bisht in 2019 subsequent to serving 35+ years in Elevators and escalators industry and is one of the quickest developing organisations Having in-house R & D and assembling Services like lift maintenance & lift manufacturers. Our corporate office is situated in Noida. Other Branch locations in various locations make it convenient to reach all of our existing and potential customers. We are the best elevator company in India having a mix of experts and technocrats.

We’re the world’s leading company for Escalator and Elevator installation, manufacturing and service & we offer Manual Elevator, Elevator Stairs, Auto Door Elevator, passenger lift, and we are also the best goods lift manufacturers in delhi and We also Provide elevator manufacturers in delhi

We move 2 billion people a day and maintain further than 2 million client units worldwide. We can be planted in numerous of the world’s most recognizable structures as well as the busiest transportation capitals and retail centres. We’re everywhere, people are on the move.

FTA Elevators is the name one can safely lift company in Delhi associate with the most advanced and trusted elevator across the country. Differentiated innovative hi-tech technology, quality & customer satisfaction are the key elements that have helped us scale new heights of success.

FTA Elevator is one of the most reliable elevator installation & elevator manufacturers in India . It is committed to delivering exceptional service. With extremely satisfied customers in India and abroad. They pride themselves on being the best elevator company in India. They successfully deliver products on time, every time and everywhere.

More from FTAOur Advantages

FTA Elevator actively explores various intelligence technology in the field of elevator


FTA Elevator is the best lift company in India We use intelligence technologies which improves efficiency of operation of the elevator. It also improves efficient management solutions for vertical transportation in urban buildings. That’s why FTA Elevator comes in best elevator manufacturers in India


We understand the need for energy saving, hence, FTA takes an initiative toward four-quadrant frequency conversion-driven technology to achieve the two-way flow of energy through the IGBT power module, that’s why it comes in lift company in Delhi.


Here is the best elevator company in Delhi which is an important aspect to avoid any unwanted mishaps. Our tea is aware of this and we excel in maintaining the efficiency of elevators.


We are the best lift company in Delhi & we can make frequency converters green by adjusting the input power to eliminate the harmonic pollution to the power grid.

More from FTAGood Reasons to Choose FTA Elevator

We are the world class engineering manufacturer & comes in best lift company in India. We providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.

01Punctual Delivery Time

The first priority of FTA Elevator is that our customers should not face any problem and delivery should be done in perfect time.

02Smart Technology

FTA Elevator always work with Smart Technology that's why it comes in the best lift company in India. They work with monitor performance, make real-time maintenance decisions, provide updated status and etc.

03Professional Team

We are the best repair, maintain and lift manufacturers in India and we also solve all the problems of our customers within a short time of any query. We have a professional team and a separate department for this.


However well you maintain your elevator, after years of reliable service and countless trips it will eventually need modernizing. Well-planned modernization ensures it will continue to operate reliably and energy-efficiently, and that it complies with the latest safety standards and complements your building’s design. Have any Issue related with elevator or escalator so go with the best elevator company in India that is FTA Elevator.

A devoted partner supports you every step of way

FTA Elevator which is a best lift manufacturers in Delhi & lift manufacturers in India pride ourselves on our deep understanding of both equipment and client needs – ensuring your existing equipment is kept running easily throughout its continuance.
Did you know that a well- maintained elevator or escalator can operate for decades? At FTA Elevator, we're committed and ready to serve you throughout the life- cycle of best elevator company in India.


Our preventative lift maintenance services will keep your equipment running at its best. We serve further than one million escalators, doors and elevator services from both FTA Elevator and other manufacturers, encyclopaedically. The starting point is an understanding of your lift maintenance conditions, so that we can give the most suitable conservation result for you. We can confirm your maintenance plan to uniquely match your point and equipment, whatever the brand or type. That's why we are called No.1 lift company in Delhi.


As a FTA Elevator service client, you can fluently keep track of your equipment condition and its rearmost conditioning so here is the best elevator company in India and we offer thorough equipment assessments and planning support, to help you exclude surprises in performance and budgeting. When the time comes, a well- planned modernization ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, and that it complies with the rearmost safety on elevator installation norms and complements your structure’s design.


Indeed, with utmost robust equipment, time takes its risk. You can enhance your lift manufacturers equipment with our modernization result packages, and improve safety, trust ability, availability and appearance, as well as cut energy costs. Alternately, you can have a fresh launch with our full relief results and enjoy the benefits of a brand new elevator or escalator, in the shortest possible time. We are the top best lift company in India.

What We Do?What We Do

FTA Elevator is the top class elevator company in delhi & elevator manufacturers in delhi. We have many reasons to choose FTA Elevator like they provide best lift maintenance, they also the best elevator manufacturers in India apart from this they also provide Elevator Installation & Elevator Service on every query. We Provide these Elevator  :- Manual Elevator, Elevator Stairs, Auto Door Elevator, passenger lift, and we are also the best goods lift manufacturers in Delhi.

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator

FTA Elevators are the world-class elevator manufacturers in India and if it comes to the hydraulic lift, then we are also the best hydraulic lift manufacturers in India. FTA Elevators always focuses on Customer satisfaction level and also the best elevator manufacturers in Delhi.

Hydraulic Elevator

Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator

The passenger Elevator is a major type of elevator that is veritably much in demand as it's used in numerous domestic and marketable areas. We all know that the civic areas are booming and the best elevator company in India has hence set the population growth rate at an adding pace. With the increase in population, there's a certain pressure on numerous structures especially when a building structure has numerous bottoms.

Passenger Elevator

Manual Elevator

Manual Elevator

Prominent & Leading lift manufacturers in Delhi & lift manufacturers in India too, we offer manual lifts, manual door passenger lifts, manual passenger lifts, and manual passenger elevators.

Manual Elevator

Elevator Stairs

Elevator Stairs

FTA Elevator is the #1 best lift company in India & best lift company in Delhi too. Also ascertained as a wheelchair for staircases, this stairlift is a perfect result in scripts where climbing stairs is a tedious task. Being an award-winning product, these home chair lifts can cut through the utmost complex staircases with ease. we offer Manual Elevator, Elevator Stairs, Auto Door Elevator, and passenger lifts, and we are also the best goods lift manufacturers in Delhi.

Elevator Stairs



FTA Elevator's escalators and auto walk set assiduity norms for safety, eco-efficiency, and visual design. They also provide the best escalators & lift maintenance services. They are the best lift company in Delhi.


Glass elevators

Glass elevators

FTA Elevator is the world-class elevator company in Delhi. The Visual Benefit Of Having a Glass Elevator, Glass is one of those materials that look good with any décor. If you want to choose the transparent glass you are actually adding something that will not interfere with the décor while enhancing the look.

Glass elevators

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Thanks for the great service. I’m very happy with the result. During the work process, the team of FTA was very flexible and willing to try out various things as I suggested. I will surely hire them again.

M/S. Oyo Rooms
Bello Servicing

The team has successfully created a very interactive working relationship. They took the time to discuss and understand the requirements for the job and continually adjusted the work according to our inputs.

M/S. Amrapali Grand

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