Are Home Elevators Safe?

February 15, 2022by admin0

Installation of a home lift could be a tedious task. Elevator manufacturers provide elevator servicing at each and every step to make the task easier for you. Though it is necessary to get a lift for home installed in buildings with several floors, ensuring safety is important too. 

Are Home Elevators safe? 

Home lifts are safe to use when the installation is performed by an experienced elevator company. However, the space between the landing floor and the elevator doors is a matter of concern. To ensure the safety elevator manufacturers design the elevators which best suits your requirements and are safe for further use. 

You may also get concerned about the fear of free falling and plummeting to the bottom. We know how terrifying it sounds, however elevator companies clear up all your queries before the elevator is finally installed. 

Are you scared about getting stuck inside the moving elevator? We know it could be a nightmare that nobody wants to happen. The best elevator company in India takes care of each and every aspect of your safety and security as per your comfort and satisfaction. 

Ensure the safety of Home Elevators 

In order to ensure the maximum safety of lift for home don’t forget to ask the elevator companies for these basic features. 

  • Interlock System
  • Power backup facility
  • Emergency alarms
  • One-touch screen doors
  • Battery-operated emergency lowering
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Safety sensors
  • Motorized braking
  • Slack-chain brake system 
  • SSS (Soft Start and Stop) 
  • TUV Compliance 
  • SIL-3 – Seismic Stability Structure 
  • ENS (Error Notifications System) 
  • Running capacity on a single-phase power supply.
  • Compliance with Machine Directive 2006 42 EC & EN 81 – 41


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