What is the difference between Passenger Lifts and Residential Elevators?

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As the technology is advancing day by day, the elevators were also created and the elevator companies keep on upgrading the essential features.  Passenger lifts and residential elevators are identical in nature of their purpose but differ in the manner of functionality. A home lift generally holds up less capacity for passengers as compared to the capacity held by elevators. Residential elevators make life easier for people living in tall buildings. 

Difference between passenger lifts and Residential elevators:

Passenger Lifts: 

Talking about passenger lifts, these lifts consist of an enclosed lift car with a vertical travel path on the specifically designed shaft. It carries passengers from one floor to the other quickly. Such lifts are designed with control systems which allow passengers to travel between floors at ease. Elevator companies use their expertise with creativity as per the current day requirement of the building to develop effective and efficient lifts. 

Advantages of the Passenger Lifts

    • They save time by enabling the passengers to travel quickly between floors at the speed rate of 0.6 metres per second. 
    • Passenger Lifts by Elevator Servicing providers are extremely efficient in terms of space. 
    • These lifts are able to work on small building structures. 
    • The lift cost for passenger lift is cost-effective as per the convenience requirements of the users. 
  • Not to ignore the fact of expertise, it is important to get the optimized and reliable installation and maintenance services, the lift should be fixed by the best elevator servicing providers. 

Residential Elevators: 

In a comparison to passenger lifts, Residential elevators are typically smaller in size. It has a capacity to carry 2-4 people at a time and enables them to travel through 2-5 floors. With their unique design characteristics, they suit home furnishings. In Residential elevators, there are two types of landing doors: manual hinged wooden shaft-access doors and metal sliding doors. 

Advantages of the Residential Elevators 

  • They enhance the safety of the house by restricting access to certain specific areas. 
  • The users can opt for a simple or highly structured residential elevator for their house. 
  • Elevator Servicing experts assist you with the best model to be deployed in your house as per your requirements. 
  • For multi-story houses these elevators can be extended up till several floors. 
  • However, residential elevators need a lot of space, proper planning, and regular maintenance. 


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